The Judas factor in Massachusetts

Hub Blog weighs in on the "Judas" dust-up over Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Barack Obama despite his long involvement with the Clintons:

James Carville defends his ‘Judas Iscariot’ attack on Bill Richardson and pronounces, ‘I believe that loyalty is a cardinal virtue.’ Actually, I’ve come to the conclusion that loyalty is the most abused and overrated of virtues. Its loudest proponents are usually bullies, thugs and gangsters, demanding one-way loyalty toward themselves and rarely extending it back to others.

That reminds me of one of my least favorite quotes about politics in Massachusetts, attributed to the late congressman Joe Moakley but expressed by plenty of local pols over the years: "Never forget where you came from." I get the part about not turning your back on your neighborhood after you’ve become a success, and I don’t dispute that Moakley was an effective defender of the working class, but that quote always carried an element of parochialism and small-mindedness to me, especially in a city known for violence around school busing.