The parties’ popularity battle

The map below shows the ratio of votes cast in the Democratic presidential primary to those cast in the Republican primary this year. As has been widely reported, the Democratic contest has attracted many more voters, though this is not necessarily an indication that they’ll have more support in the general election. Michigan is an anamoly because the Democratic primary was uncontested (Clinton was the only active candidate on the ballot), and in South Carolina the parties held their primaries on separate days, which probably affected turnout.

With those caveats out of the way, the one thing that jumps out at me (see inset below) is northern Georgia, which seems to be the most populous area where a lot more voters picked up Republican ballots. Given that Democrats stirred up more interest even in states that usually vote heavily Republican in November (such as Oklahoma, which Clinton and Obama barely campaigned), I do think it’s safe to say that Georgia isn’t a promising pick-up for the Democrats.

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