The self-examination begins

Class is key; third parties are a dead end

WE’RE ALL TRYING to figure out how it came to pass that Donald Trump is now our President-elect. Here are three key takeaways from last night’s vote.

American politics has realigned around class, not cultural values. Race was an important factor in the election, but it doesn’t explain how states that voted for Obama went for Trump this time around. Clinton is seen as an elite, and ran a traditional Democratic campaign – and she was caught flat-footed against a candidate who figured out this new paradigm.

The Democrats have a serious reckoning ahead. They went into the election smug and confident, relying on polling and campaign strategies that were utterly useless. They don’t have a stable of candidates – save Bernie Sanders – who understand this new paradigm, and what’s worse is that the cultural issues that have been their mainstay are about to go down, and candidates who run on those issues alone will lose. That damage is going to be hard to reverse unless Democrats get with the program and jettison the elitism that has brought them to this point.

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This election ends the chance of a third party ever taking root in our country. It makes me sad to say it, but the results are a strong argument that third parties end up being not much more than dangerous political spoilers….or, worse, political vandals.

The question for all of us is, what do we do now? I still have hope that the many people who believe in the idea of America will continue to fight to ensure that it remains a place that is worthy of its ideals, and of our children. I know that’s what I will do.

Evan Falchuk is a former candidate for Massachusetts governor and founder of the United Independent Party.