Where to find the candidates: Feb. 1

Hillary Clinton remains in California after last night’s debate, with appearances in San Diego, which backed Bill Clinton in the 1992 primary, and San Francisco, which has voted against the Democratic front-runner in all but one contested primary since 1976. (It backed Jerry Brown over Jimmy Carter in 1976, Ted Kennedy over Carter in 1980, Gary Hart over Walter Mondale in 1984, Jesse Jackson over Michael Dukakis in 1988, and Brown over Bill Clinton in 1992. But it did vote for John Kerry over John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich in 2004.)

Barack Obama is in New Mexico, with stops in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The state voted for Kennedy in 1980 and Hart in 1984, but it was strongly for Bill Clinton in 1992.

On the Republican side, John McCain is in St. Louis County, Missouri, where he got 38 percent to George W. Bush’s 55 percent in the 2000 primary (though he did narrowly carry the city of St. Louis, which is separate from the county). From there, he goes to Chicago. McCain was already out of the race when Illinois Republicans voted in 2000, but he got 23 percent in Chicago’s Cook County and 25 percent in next-door DuPage County, among his better performances as a "ghost" candidate.

Mitt Romney’s major event of the day is a speech in Denver. Colorado, which also came after McCain dropped out in 2000, is seen as a good potential pick-up for the former Massachusetts governor; he’s already won the caucuses in neighboring Wyoming.