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The rush to be first, the need to be right

The Boston Herald and the Boston Globe each had exclusive stories last week that sent some warning temblors through Beacon Hill.   The Globe reported that a sworn affidavit from an unknown source triggered an Ethics Commission investigation into a potential conflict of interest by Gaming Commission chairman Stephen Crosby. The Herald splashed a piece about(...)

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CDCs applaud new tax credit program

Both Baker, Patrick support initiative

As the year’s end brings a barrage of appeals from nonprofit groups hoping to capitalize on the spirit of holiday giving, the state’s community development corporations are making a pitch for a new tax credit program that enjoys the bipartisan backing of both the outgoing Democratic governor and his Republican successor.  The Massachusetts Association of(...)

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Pipeline foes attack natural gas study

CLF accuses Patrick of stacking the deck

Groups opposing the construction of a new natural gas pipeline coming into Massachusetts on Tuesday attacked a draft study suggesting the pipeline is needed, with one critic saying the $250,000 report had a major arithmetic error. The final version of the report was scheduled to be released on Tuesday, but the release was delayed. The(...)

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Vermont ends single payer bid

Feds now left to confront the issue

Many American dislike the Affordable Care Act not because it goes too far but because it does not go far enough, as observed in the chart below from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the dark blue.  About 24 percent of Americans believe the ACA should be expanded, and by that, many mean a Medicare-for-All single(...)

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Patrick administration says state needs gas capacity

Draft report forecasts shortfall

A new study commissioned by the Patrick administration has tentatively concluded that Massachusetts and all of New England need to expand the supply of natural gas coming into the region to meet demand. The preliminary report analyzed the demand for gas under eight different scenarios and concluded the state would face a shortfall of between(...)

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Patrick’s school choice

A Boston Herald editorial today calls on Gov.-elect Charlie Baker to work to eliminate the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts. Baker has been a strong supporter of charters, independently-operated public schools that were first authorized by the state’s 1993 education reform law, and he is likely to try to push in that direction. But(...)

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Health plan ad has hidden message

One of the more interesting items in the Boston Globe the last couple days has been a full-page ad from Neighborhood Health Plan. It appears to be one of those year-end, feel-good ads thanking the health plan’s subscribers for their support, but there’s probably a hidden message as well. “At Neighborhood Health Plan, we know that(...)

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GIC needs $120m more to cover shortfall

Could accentuate state budget problem

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE The state commission that oversees public employee health insurance coverage will likely need at least $120 million in additional funding this fiscal year, a request that would contribute to ongoing state budget problems. “It’s probably going to be north of $120 million,” Group Insurance Commission (GIC) Executive Director Dolores Mitchell told(...)

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