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Maine hydro project clears another hurdle

Status of offshore wind project remains uncertain

MASSACHUSETTS MADE some headway on its clean energy goals on Tuesday, but moving forward on key offshore wind and hydro-electricity projects remains an uncertain process. A Massachusetts-financed transmission line carrying hydroelectricity from Quebec into Maine cleared another legal hurdle on Tuesday as the Maine Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision that had blocked the(...)

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It’s time for higher ed to stop playing defense

We need to tell the story of all that colleges and universities do for people and society

AS COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON heads into the playoffs, I’m reminded of the old adage: The best defense is a good offense. And when we look at the state of higher education today—particularly its public perception—it’s time for college and university leaders to follow this simple advice from the gridiron. As a sector, higher education is increasingly(...)

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Uber, Lyft riders subsidize taxi, livery firms

Latest round of MassDevelopment grants totals $7m

FOR EVERY Uber and Lyft ride in Massachusetts, the state collects an extra 20 cents. Half of the 20-cent fee is split among municipalities based on where the rides originate, 5 cents goes to a state transportation fund, and 5 cents goes to MassDevelopment for a program to support taxi and livery services across the(...)

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Dairy farmers losing out in O’Brien pot licensing flap

Western Mass. couple voice frustration with cannabis commission

A MONTH AGO, the Cannabis Control Commission deferred consideration of a license for a marijuana farm that Cannabis Control Commission chair Shannon O’Brien was previously involved with, to avoid concerns about a conflict of interest.   But the farmers at the center of the high-profile dispute say they did everything regulators asked for – and the(...)

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Digging into safety oversight options for MBTA

Status quo is not working, change is needed

WITH HIGH-PROFILE MISHAPS and equipment failures in recent months, the MBTA is under unprecedented scrutiny for its recent safety record. The Federal Transit Administration’s Safety Management Inspection (SMI) report released in August is just the latest independent assessment to determine that the MBTA is falling short on basic safety measures, putting riders at risk and(...)

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In-person Election Day voting boosted turnout to 2.5m

More than half of voters cast ballots on November 8

THERE WERE 2.5 million Massachusetts residents who cast ballots in the November 8 midterm election, and despite the availability of vote-by-mail, more than half of them returned to the tried-and-true method of in-person voting on Election Day.   With 2,508,298 ballots cast, voter turnout was the second highest it has been for a midterm election, after(...)

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Dreyfus sounds alarm about health care costs

Says providers believe state benchmark no longer relevant

ANDREW DREYFUS, who is winding up his 12 years as president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, says health care costs in the state are on the verge of exploding. Some of the increase is justified, with health care providers grappling with inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain challenges. But Dreyfus warns(...)

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Cheap natural gas is a thing of the past

Not investing in more pipeline capacity looks to be right choice

DEFENDERS OF THE fossil fuel status quo have long tied environmentalists to the whipping post of New England’s constrained natural gas pipeline network. And it’s arguably true that popular resistance from climate activists and others over the past decade has influenced state policies that favor investment in renewable energy over new fossil fuel infrastructure. But as(...)

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