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Lawmakers botch budget bill negotiations

Galvin worried about impact on election scheduling

BY FAILING TO reach agreement on a major spending bill before the winter break, legislative leaders have squandered much of their control over what goes into it, and they have courted more federal scrutiny of the state’s election process. In the wee hours of early Thursday morning, the House and Senate essentially threw in the(...)

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Mass. GOP building strong farm team

State Republicans making gains at the local level

IN THE MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS a few weeks ago, Republican candidates won seats in key cities across the state, surprising many political watchers. In Fall River, Christopher Peckham was the first Republican city councilor elected in a half century. Republican Donna Colorio was the only non-incumbent elected to the City Council in Worcester, where the Democrats(...)

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Patrick flips from fighter to healer

Looking for an opening in presidential run, former governor takes a new tack

AS WE HAVE just learned, Deval Patrick’s initial posture as a candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president is the diametrical opposite of his initial posture as a candidate for the 2006 Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts. In early 2005, as Patrick was about to begin his first campaign, he was little-known in(...)

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Traffic at your fingertips

Globe tracks how on-demand adds to congestion

YOU DON’T NEED to drive a car or own a parking garage to add to Boston’s traffic woes. Thanks to modern technology, you can do all that from the comfort of your home on your smart phone. In the third and final installment of its data-laden survey of the region’s brake-light-hued congestion problem, the Boston(...)

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Lawmakers cram a lot in at the end

But they fail to pass budget bill, point fingers at each other

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE MASSACHUSETTS LAWMAKERS wrapped up work Wednesday on bills calling for long-term K-12 education investments, requiring motorists to use only hands-free technology while driving, and banning flavored tobacco products. Legislators tried to come up with a late-night deal allocating a more than $1 billion fiscal 2019 surplus, but House and Senate Democrats(...)

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Vaping spurs fear for next generation’s lung health

Juul pods are not a safe way to consume nicotine

VAPING IS AN EPIDEMIC. Since starting its investigation in August 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has documented more than 2,000 cases of vaping-related illnesses and over 40 deaths. Here in Massachusetts, there have been three vaping-related deaths and more than 200 cases of suspected vaping illnesses reported to the Massachusetts Department(...)

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Concerns on police bias linger after distracted driving vote

Northeastern prof critical of information-gather approach

OVERWHELMING VOTES IN the House and Senate to enact driver safety legislation belie enduring disagreements within the Legislature over how best to monitor and tamp down racial bias by police. The bill that was sent to Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday is now virtually guaranteed to become law, but the legislation was formed in an(...)

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RI official applauds wind farm layout announcement

Says Vineyard Wind agreeing to plan it rejected nearly 2 years ago

THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council applauded Vineyard Wind and four other companies for agreeing to a common layout for their New England offshore wind farms, but he said the configuration the firms are proposing is exactly what his agency pressed Vineyard Wind to adopt nearly two years ago. Grover(...)

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