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Massachusetts must ensure census “counts”

NUMBERS COUNT. The data collected by the U.S. Census every 10 years is used to draw voting districts and determine how much funding to give states and municipalities. The Bureau is woefully underfunded, still without direction – except to deliberately undercount our population, has dispirited staff, is on the precipice of collapse, and its constitutionally obligated objective is destined to(...)

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Fixing Kendall Square’s mobility challenges

New report offers great ideas; here’s some more

TRANSPORT KENDALL, a partnership of the Kendall Square Association, the city of Cambridge, and the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, recently issued a report that appropriately underscores that transit, bicycling, and walking are central to Kendall Square’s economic success. Its core argument is spot-on correct: “Kendall Square now needs to aggressively pursue transportation solutions to anticipate and(...)

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MBTA releases video of Red Line derailment

Agency says service returning to normal on stretch of track

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE THE MBTA RELEASED video Friday of a June 11 Red Line derailment that officials say will continue to cause delays through most of the summer, the same day T officials said service on a stretch of track will return to normal two weeks earlier than expected. After being instructed by the(...)

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Baker bill seeks new rules for commercial drivers

Proposed crackdown follows NH crash, ensuing scandal

JUST UNDER A MONTH after a truck crash that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire, Gov. Charlie Baker filed legislation Friday that he says would enhance safety by keeping dangerous commercial drivers off the road. The bill aims to accomplish that goal by increasing penalties for repeat bad drivers and requiring trucking businesses to sign(...)

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Is Rollins right to be angry?

She and her backers say Globe story was ‘fear-mongering’

SUFFOLK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY Rachael Rollins and 19 educators who support her approach to justice are angry about a Boston Globe story examining her record in prosecuting crimes over the last six months. Rollins, in an interview this week with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on WGBH’s Boston Public Radio, said the Globe story focused(...)

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Mohegan’s “all or nothing” challenge to Encore dismissed

Judge rules open meeting violations don’t warrant license revocation

RELATIVELY MINOR VIOLATIONS of the open meeting law by state gambling regulators shouldn’t invalidate Encore Boston Harbor’s casino license, a state judge wrote in dismissing a court challenge brought by a handful of Revere residents. The three residents’ open meeting law challenge was part of a larger suit that Encore’s rival, Mohegan Sun, is pursuing(...)

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Gaming Commission backs Encore on blackjack odds

Lawyer: Client intends to pursue theft allegation in court

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE AN INITIAL INVESTIGATION into the claims of a lawsuit alleging Encore Boston Harbor is duping customers by paying out at less favorable odds for blackjack wins found that the Everett casino is not violating any Gaming Commission rules or regulations, a commission official said Thursday. The lawyer suing the Wynn Resorts(...)

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Court database shouldn’t be landlord screening tool

Misleading eviction records hinder those seeking housing

ACCESS TO STABLE HOUSING is critical for economic security.  With the very high cost of living in Massachusetts, finding housing is a challenge for everyone, particularly for low income people and working families in the state. But imagine how much more difficult that would be if misleading information about an eviction was available to landlords,(...)

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Calls grow to put brakes on Eastie land deal

MBTA control board to discuss easement bid on Monday

CALLS FOR STATE transportation officials to slow down the process of selling the rights to a narrow strip of land parallel to a congested East Boston roadway have found a receptive ear in the chairman of the MBTA’s oversight board, who has put the issue on the agenda for discussion at the panel’s weekly scheduled(...)

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