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Voters now agree with Warren

Her 2018 claim that criminal justice system is racist now mainstream view

IN AUGUST 2018, Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a speech in which she delivered what she called “the hard truth about our criminal justice system.” According to Warren, the criminal justice system is “racist…I mean front to back.” At the time, her comments seemed daring and controversial, and they set off a firestorm of criticism from(...)

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To address juvenile injustice, data needed

There is no racial justice without accountability

IN THE WAKE of the nationwide uprisings asserting that Black Lives Matter, there have been many eloquent pronouncements denouncing racism and pledging to do more to address its impact. The seven justices of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a strongly worded statement committing to “root out any conscious and unconscious bias in our courtrooms.” (...)

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Systemic racism has very real health impact

COVID-19 has laid bare the inequities

AS A COUNTRY, we are waking up daily to the unacceptable and completely avoidable loss of black life. We know some of their names, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. But many more we sadly only know as numbers and statistics, reported as part of the daily coronavirus public health updates. What they have in(...)

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Meet the new public records law – same as the old one

The new law is as broken as the old one was

OVER THREE YEARS have gone by since the Commonwealth’s much-heralded overhaul of the Public Records Law went into effect in 2017.  Regrettably, the old vexing problems nonetheless still persist.  That’s the conclusion based on a review of the 2019 rulings issued by the supervisor of public records in Secretary of State William Galvin’s office, as(...)

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Italian-American pride means goodbye, Columbus

Let's honor ancestors worthy of recognition

I’VE BEEN THINKING a lot about Christopher Columbus lately. That wasn’t always the case. Growing up an Italian-American kid, in an Italian-American town in New Jersey, we had summer feasts celebrating our Italian pride—but Columbus never entered my mind much, beyond the day off from school. When I had my own children and began raising(...)

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Nursing homes start own Phase 1

Surveillance testing beginning at facilities

LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES, the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Massachusetts, are starting to enter their own Phase 1. The Baker administration is slightly easing visitation restrictions at the state’s long-term care and assisted living facilities, while launching surveillance testing of staff and preparing to discipline nursing homes that have had problems passing infection control(...)

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As Massachusetts reopens, prisoners remain isolated

Suicide at Walpole facility raises questions about time alone

AS MUCH OF MASSACHUSETTS continues to reopen, the same loosening restrictions is not present at the state’s prisons. Many prisoners continue to live in lockdown-like conditions, as the Department of Correction holds coronavirus at bay. Time lags, with complaints about boredom; there has been a three-month pause in programming services; and inmates say there is(...)

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Judge rules DiMasi can work as lobbyist

Galvin calls decision bad precedent, vows appeal

FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER Sal DiMasi was cleared on Thursday to register as a lobbyist by a Superior Court judge who overturned Secretary of State William Galvin’s decision to reject DiMasi’s application based on his past convictions on federal corruption and extortion charges. The ruling could return to the State House a man who once wielded(...)

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Gyms, museums, movie theaters can reopen Monday

As other states pull back, Mass. moving to Phase 3

MASSACHUSETTS RESIDENTS tired of being cooped up will have far more entertainment options come Monday, as gyms, museums, and movie theaters begin to reopen as the state moves into the next phase of its reopening plan. Gov. Charlie Baker announced Thursday that Phase 3 of the state’s economic reopening will begin on Monday, July 6,(...)

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Two Boston nonprofits merging

Jewish Vocational Service absorbing Boston Center for Adult Education

TWO HISTORIC BOSTON nonprofits – the Jewish Vocational Service and the Boston Center for Adult Education – are merging to increase workplace and educational opportunities for unemployed and underemployed adults. Jerry Rubin, the president of Jewish Vocational Service, said the Boston Center will become a “subsidiary” of his organization and that combining the two entities(...)

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