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How to improve T service during shutdowns

Three suggestions for rider-friendly alternative service

ONCE AGAIN, the MBTA’s floating slab project has reared its ugly head. If it seems like this project has been going on forever, it’s because it has. The first weekend shutdowns to replace the concrete which holds the tracks together took place in 2011. Over the past decade, one might assume that the MBTA would(...)

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Juvenile justice system can, and should, serve older youth

DYS case filings down 56 percent since 2009

I WAS A JUVENILE COURT JUDGE for 13 years, the Child Advocate for the Commonwealth for seven years, and the head of the Child and Youth Protection Unit in the Attorney General’s Office for two years. I regularly met young people who had already experienced several lifetimes’ worth of trauma. But their youth itself was(...)

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Meehan: 2020 doesn’t feel like just another year

Education remains a torch eliminating darkness

A NEW YEAR HAS DAWNED and for me, and I think for many, 2020 doesn’t feel like “just another year.” It seems like a time when daunting challenges swirl all around us. In Washington, the president has been impeached and partisan animosity has soared to new heights. Around the world – from Australia’s fires to(...)

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Young workers key to a resurgent labor movement

New union activism comes with a progressive flavor

A DECADE THAT started with the worst recession in 75 years ended with a booming economy and record low unemployment rate. The “too big to fail” era also ushered in a new generation of workers far more progressive and activist than in the past. That’s a great thing for the labor movement. Certainly young workers(...)

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Warren seeks info on DeVos role in foreign-student sting 

Local concerns raised by recent MIT memo  

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN and two fellow Democratic lawmakers are asking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to explain the department’s involvement in the creation of a fake university and outline how it plans to cooperate with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement efforts to catch students who are fraudulently using visas in government-sponsored exchange programs.    More than 250 students enrolled at a fake university called the University of Farmington in Michigan(...)

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Ablow continues counseling despite license suspension

Prominent psychiatrist was deemed 'immediate and serious threat' by state board

KEITH ABLOW, whose Massachusetts license to practice psychiatry was suspended last year by a state medical board that regarded him as “an immediate and serious threat to the public,” is continuing to counsel people out of his Ablow Center for Mind and Soul in Newburyport. Ablow, who was once a commentator for Fox News and(...)

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Will voters judge Walsh on schools?

Mayoral races rarely turn on education

IT WAS ALMOST 25 years ago, in 1996, that Mayor Tom Menino issued his famous challenge to voters to “judge me harshly” if he didn’t deliver significant improvements to the Boston Public Schools. He didn’t, but neither did they. It’s been nearly 30 years since Boston switched to mayoral control over its schools, a reform(...)

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