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Did GOP strengthen Affordable Care Act?

Along with celebrating a major revamp of tax rates — which will generate a windfall for lots of companies and wealthy individuals like himself — President Trump is crowing about a provision in the Republican tax bill he is preparing to sign that repeals the penalty for not obtaining health insurance coverage. The tax legislation(...)

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School start times zero sum game

One day after the Boston School Committee voted unanimously to change school start times next fall so teenaged students could get a little extra sleep, Boston Magazine published a story asking what took so long. “Why, in a state that is at the forefront of progressive policy and respects science quite a bit …, did(...)

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Is it time to talk about gun violence?

When Adam Lanza, an anti-social misanthrope who shot and killed his mother in Newtown, Connecticut, and then took her gun arsenal and slaughtered 20 six- and seven-year-olds and a half-dozen teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School for no apparent reason, many thought the long-awaited debate over gun violence would commence in earnest. After all the(...)

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