A survey of possible voting glitches, coast to coast

"What if we had an election and everyone came?” is the question posed by the Pew Center on the States/Electionline.org’s gargantuan Election 2008 Preview updating election administration issues — voting technologies, provisional ballot verification rules, and the like — for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Massachusetts comes off pretty well here. The sole problem worthy of a mention was the pre-September primary snafu involving Automark machines in New Bedford, the only city to experience such problems. The city’s 40 machines, primarily used by people with disabilities, couldn’t read Republican ballots.

New Bedford election officials recalibrated the machines and had no issues during primary voting. Officials are currently working on fixing a screen on one Automark, but Election Commissioner Maria Tomasia told CommonWealth Unbound that the machines are ready for November 4.

Still, while Massachusetts isn’t quite Alabama (where voter fraud is “big business,” according to Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman in the Pew report), the feds have been slapping a few wrists around the Bay State lately.