The Codcast: Making getting to Logan easier

Massport is developing a number of initiatives to improve the experience of getting to and from Logan International Airport while simultaneously reducing congestion. The authority’s focus on congestion is understandable. At most airports, as many as a third of the passengers fly in, transfer to another plane, and fly out. At Logan, the 40 million(...)

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West Station wrangling

It’s playing out as a classic chicken and egg situation. State officials say calls for a commuter rail station in the area of Allston being developed by Harvard as a major life sciences research hub are premature. They want to leave room for a station at the site, but are eyeing a possible opening in(...)

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The Codcast: Time to talk about buses

We spend a lot of time talking about gondolas and autonomous vehicles, but not enough time talking about buses. Yeah, buses. A report issued this month by the Livable Streets Alliance said the MBTA bus system is being stifled by congestion on Boston streets. It noted congestion along just seven miles of the city’s roadways is(...)

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