State transit routes now on Google Maps

MBTA, RTA information now available

I am writing in response to the June 12th Voices article titled MassDOT takes on the last mile by Peter O’Connor. MassDOT appreciated Mr. O’Connor’s discussion regarding challenges with “last mile” transportation services and wanted to provide an update to one of the key points in the article. Mr. O’Connor’s article accurately points out that today almost everyone relies on information obtainable through the Internet and the lack of online resources for travel on public transportation beyond the MBTA system is difficult and limiting.

MassDOT is pleased to announce that for the first time all public transportation authorities in the Commonwealth, including the MBTA and all 15 Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs), have their routes and schedules fully accessible on Google Maps. (Click here for Google Maps. Read Peter O’Connor’s MassDOT takes on the last mile Plug in where you are going and click on the icon of the bus.) The MassRIDES Statewide Travel Options Program at MassDOT led the effort, in partnership with Bridgewater State University, to provide assistance to each of the Massachusetts RTAs to compile the necessary data to provide Google Map accessibility.

This effort’s goal is to make all transportation services in Massachusetts available to commuters, visitors, and other travelers through Google Maps. The enhanced access to transit routes and schedules through this universally accessible tool improves everyone’s ability to plan travel throughout the Commonwealth whether it’s for commuting to and from work or for leisure. If an individual attempts to plan the same trip that Mr. O’Connor used in his article from downtown Boston to the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester using Google, the directions are now complete from one transit station to another with detailed walking directions for the initial and final portions of the trip.

Many of the Commonwealth’s transportation providers do not have the bandwidth to compile and produce the data required for their system to be available through Google Maps. MassDOT’s partnership with the RTAs utilizing the local resources Bridgewater State University provided an exciting opportunity to bridge this gap.

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MassDOT encourages your readers to use the newly enhance Google Maps planning tool to explore new ways of travel throughout the Commonwealth this summer.

Richard Davey is the Massachusetts secretary of transportation.