Five takes on the T

Crisis at the state's transit agency

EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT the collapse of the T and wondering whether, to borrow a phrase from departing GM Beverly Scott, even God Jr. could get the trains running on time again. The stakes are incredibly high for Greater Boston and the state as a whole, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people who ride the T on a regular basis. Here are five takes on the T:


Everything is riding on the T

By Joseph Curtatone


OConnor, Peter

Let’s not let this crisis go to waste

By Peter O’Connor



 Put the T in receivership

By Pioneer Institute



VIDEO: T-pocalypse

By Jim Aloisi, Charlie Chieppo, and Gabrielle Gurley




Aloisi’s fixes for the T

By Jim Aloisi


Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Joseph Curtatone

President / Former mayor, Northeast Clean Energy Council / Somerville
Meet the Author