Logan Airport wins arbitrary award for bewilderment

J.D. Power has ranked Boston's Logan Airport 16th out of 21 "medium" airports in its recently released "2008 North America Airport Satisfaction Study." Its best category, with four out of five possible stars, was "food and retail services." Check-in and security policies? Not so hot: two out of five stars.

But Planetizen's Josh Stephens gives Logan first place in one of his dubious achievement awards:

Most Bewildering: Boston Logan. If a camel is a horse designed by committee, then Boston's Silver Line BRT (with scant emphasis on the "R") is a transit line designed by a committee of camels. In the course of a 20-minute trip to South Station, the Silver Line seems to pass through every stage of man and a few states of matter to boot. In some places, it's a regular bus, chugging along on its own power and stopping at unassuming bus shelters. Sometimes it think it's a subway, humming through a dedicated tunnel underneath downtown and stopping at lavish underground stations. Sometimes it seems to go in circles, as its route doubles back on itself. Sometimes it doesn't do anything, such as when the driver has to step out and manually connect the bus to overhead electrical wires for the underground portion.

Is Stephens being too harsh? Maybe he should have tried a cab (or the Blue Line) to get a proper appreciation for BRT.