MBTA resumes service at Haymarket Station

Developer installs supports for water-damaged column

THE MBTA resumed Orange and Green Line service through Haymarket Station on Sunday, three days after it was shut down when it was discovered one of the columns supporting the Government Center garage and running through the subway tunnel area had suffered significant water damage.

The T issued a press release shortly before 7 p.m. Sunday evening saying engineers and safety experts had concluded the installation of “supports to uphold the structure” had been carried out properly and service could resume.

The supports were installed by HYM, the developer of the Government Center garage, which first reported the severe deterioration of the column.

The repairs and the return to service appeared to go much more quickly than initially feared.

On Thursday, MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak called the service disruption unacceptable and linked the deteriorated column to redevelopment of the Government Center garage. HYM, however, blamed the deteriorated column on years of water damage unrelated to the demolition of the garage.