T general manager receives $20,800 bonus

Poftak’s 6.4% payout was for work in 2019

MBTA GENERAL MANAGER Steve Poftak, who receives a base salary of $324,800 a year, recently received a bonus of $20,800 for 2019.

Based on pre-established performance goals, Poftak was eligible for a bonus equal to 10 percent of his salary in 2019, the first year of his three-year contract. Instead, he received a 6.4 percent bonus, which was granted in November 2020.

Poftak is eligible for a bonus of up to 15 percent for 2020 and up to 20 percent for 2021, according to his contract. Poftak and Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack, who is leaving her post next week to take a job at the Federal Highway Administration, agreed that a decision on any bonus for 2020 will be deferred for the time being, said Jacquelyn Goddard, a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation.

Besides being eligible for bonuses, Poftak is guaranteed a 1.5 percent salary bump every year.

Jeffrey Gonneville, the T’s deputy general manager, is eligible for bonuses as well, but he has not gotten any.  “Gonneville neither requested nor received a bonus last year or this year,” said MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesatoro.  Gonneville’s current annual salary is $258,000.

The performance goals by which Poftak is evaluated for earning his bonuses are fiscal discipline and financial management, human capital, customer experience, and system condition and performance.

Poftak is among many state employees who make more than Gov. Charlie Baker, who earns $185,000 a year.