T tries to patch up Alewife parking garage

Even with millions of dollars in repairs, ‘long-term plan’ still needed

THE MBTA ON THURSDAY announced what amounted to a three-phase plan to deal with ongoing structural and cosmetic problems at the Alewife parking garage after a patch of concrete fell from the roof of the second level on to a car.

No one was injured when the concrete fell on Wednesday, but T officials said they are planning a number of short-term and longer-range efforts to improve the safety of the garage, where a nearly $5 million restoration project was completed in 2015.

The first phase will include spot repairs and engineering assessments, which started on Wednesday after the concrete incident and will continue through Friday and possibly the weekend. Officials said the work will mean the loss of 500 parking spaces at one of the agency’s busiest garages, which has a total of 2,500 spaces.

The T also awarded a $5.7 million contract on Thursday to repair beams, patch concrete decks, re-caulk deck joints, and clean and flush the existing drainage system at the parking garage.  A T spokesman said the agency advertised that contract early in July; the work is expected to begin in September.

Even with the latest repairs, T officials indicated more work remains to be done. “These repairs and improvements will allow the garage to remain open while the MBTA develops a long-term plan for parking at Alewife Station,” the T said.