CommonWealth magazine’s new video conversations feature

CommonWealth has launched the beta version of a new video feature we’re hoping will become a mainstay of our website – and a must-see for those who follow policy and politics statewide. The feature will consist of brief webcam-based conversations on important and timely issues from across the state.

Our first conversation: a discussion between CommonWealth executive editor Michael Jonas and Jim Peyser, a partner with NewSchools Venture Fund and the former chairman of the state Board of Education, on the compact announced last week between the Boston Public Schools and the city’s charter schools.  The two sides agreed to work to promote quality public education across the district and charter sectors through a variety of steps, including collaborating on teacher recruitment and training, the possible leasing of surplus BPS buildings to charters, and efforts by charter schools to locate in areas of the city with greatest need.  Beyond the specifics of the agreement, the compact signaled a wholesale change in the tenor of the school reform effort in Boston, with leaders in both sectors pledging their support for quality public schools across the city, whether district and charter.

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