Here’s a Web site that can kill an afternoon

Hundreds of Top 101 lists of cities, counties, and zip codes ranked by demographic, economic, and even meteorological factors. Here are a few in which a Bay State community made the No. 1 slot:

Northampton: Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of likely lesbian couples (counted as self-reported female-female unmarried-partner households) (population 5,000+)

Middleton: Top 101 cities with the lowest number of burglaries in 2006 per 10,000 residents (population 5,000+)

Brockton: Top 101 cities with the highest average wind speeds (population 50,000+)

Cambridge: Top 101 cities with the biggest local government salary and wages expenses per resident in 2004 in $ (population 10,000+)

Bliss Corner (actually, part of Dartmouth): Top 101 cities with the most residents born in Portugal (population 500+)