Letter of introduction

Photograph by Russ Campbell

on behalf of the MassINC board of directors, we are delighted to introduce readers to Gregory Torres, the new president of MassINC and publisher of CommonWealth magazine.

Greg brings an uncommon set of qualifications that make him the right person to lead MassINC into its second decade. MassINC is now one of the most respected policy institutions in Massachusetts, a stature that is amplified by the universal recognition of CommonWealth as a leading journal of politics and civic life. Such an enterprise requires deft leadership in day-to-day management and organizational development, as well as knowledge of the issues and personalities that drive public policy in Massachusetts.

With a background that encompasses government, business, and the nonprofit sector, Greg offers expertise and much more. As the board searched for a leader who could spark the organization to new levels of impact and relevance, we were guided by the mandate for an individual who truly gets what MassINC is all about. Greg stood out with an informed grasp of the qualities that make MassINC unique, and he revealed a clear-eyed view of our mission and our future possibilities.

On the organizational side, Greg is a seasoned executive. Before joining MassINC, he was chairman of the Mentor Network, a Boston–based company that provides an array of human services through community programs across the United States. Over the course of 15 years at Mentor, he also served as CEO and vice president of public affairs and development.

Greg’s government and policy work is equally impressive. His 16 years in state government culminated in a seven-year stint as chief of staff for the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Ways and Means, a post that honed his policy-making skills and gave him a detailed understanding of how things get accomplished on Beacon Hill. Earlier assignments with the Executive Office of Human Services, the Massachusetts Committee on Criminal Justice, and a special state Senate committee investigating the Department of Mental Health added depth to that experience. During his time in government, Greg also earned a master’s degree in public administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

All of this activity underscores a lifelong dedication to public service and civic life. This dedication was evident right at the beginning of Greg’s career, when he counseled youths through nonprofit social service agencies in Boston and Cambridge.

Being the president of MassINC requires rigorous attention to the operational demands of a nonprofit. Here, too, we found Greg to have impeccable qualifications through his role as board president of Roca Inc.—a multicultural human development and community building organization serving Chelsea, Revere, East Boston, and Lynn—and as chairman of the Mentor Network Charitable Foundation.

when ian bowles left MassINC in January to become the state secretary of energy and environmental affairs, several members of the MassINC board took on the formidable task of finding the right person to build upon and preserve the organization’s many achievements. In selecting Greg Torres for the job, they have succeeded in a most impressive way.

Greg lives in Winchester with his wife, Elizabeth Pattullo. They have two sons and have recently become doting grandparents as well.

Please join us in welcoming Greg to MassINC and the publisher’s page of CommonWealth. Your support is more important than ever as he leads our organization and our publication to new goals and accomplishments in our second decade.