What do Bostonians think about their neighbors?

Mr.Rogers The Boston Public Health Commission has just released Health of Boston 2009, a hefty report on all manner of things affecting the well-being of residents, including environmental conditions, access to health care, and the incidence of "risky" behaviors such as smoking and binge drinking.

One section explores the "community assets" in the city's 16 major neighborhoods (North Dorchester and South Dorchester are considered separately). The BPHC's survey of neighborhood residents reveal some different attitudes in different corners of Boston. Below are some of the survey questions, each followed by the neighborhoods with the highest and lowest percentages of residents answering "yes."

Attended neighborhood meeting in 2008:
Charlestown 60%
Allston/Brighton: 24%

Charlestown was the only neighborhood to top 50%.

Have three or more friends in neighborhood:
Charlestown: 91%
Fenway: 42%

More than 75% also answered yes in the Back Bay, Jamaica Plain, the North End, South Boston, the South End, and West Roxbury. Besides the Fenway, the figure was below 50% only in Mattapan.

Neighbors "share same beliefs about right and wrong":
Roslindale: 69%
Fenway: 41%

Is this a knock on the student population in the Fenway? Roxbury was the only other neighborhood below 50%.

Children can "look up to" adults in the neighborhood:
North End: 89%
Mattapan: 54%

Neighbors "would intervene" if they saw a fight:
Back Bay: 95%
East Boston: 73%

People using or being addicted to drugs is a "big problem":
South Boston: 45%
Back Bay/West Roxbury: 3%

Charlestown is a close second, at 40%, then there's a big drop to third-place North Dorchester, at 30%.

Neighborhood is "very safe":
Back Bay: 69%
Roxbury: 22%

The citywide average was 43%. More than two-thirds of residents felt very safe in only the Back Bay and West Roxbury. Less than one-third felt safe in Roxbury, North Dorchester, and Mattapan.